Buffoli Transfer Machines

Assembly, filling and testing machines


Laser marking and inspecting machine

Control and laser marking machine, codes and logo, suitable for:

  • Lean production.
  • Prototypes.
  • Mass production.

Can be equipped with several controls units to check the part before the marking as:

  • Total weight of the parts.
  • Single side leak test.
  • Two corner camera control.
  • Measure by electronic gauges.
  • Presence of holes or chamfers.
  • Turn torque test.
  • Marking quality test (DMC/QR)


The working program can be done directly from the operator in the machine HMI or off line, 60 program steps can be linked to create a testing sequence without knowing any program language, the testing sequence may include also some manual operations driven from the machien CNC. Four (4) cylinders on the machine base manifold, can be driven by the program, easy and reliable to lock or move some parts. All the testing data are stored in the machine CNC in order to allow the traceability of the production and quality.

All the machine working steps, are displayed on the monitor with a clear description and a picture or a sketch that show the area of the machine where an eventually fault happened. Several languages available and upgradeable.

Sometime may happen that also the most performing machine don’t give the forecasted production of the day, the understand of what happened is not easy because involve also the people who work on the machine, like who have to refill the feeder or who have to fix and reset the machine after a fault.

A couple of tables show to the operator the production shared from pieces right and pieces wrong with the causality of the wrong with its own totals. The second table show the total of the hours of the machine on line, the total of the work hours, and the dead hours with the causality.

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