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19/05/2023 - News

Buffoli Transfer and Buffoli North America at VITRUV 2023

Discover the revolutionary innovation of Buffoli Transfer (Buffoli Industries) at VITRUV 2023! This esteemed forum brings together 20 prominent Italian manufacturers who have been at the forefront of revolutionizing the manufacturing industry for years.


Join us on June 14, 2023, at the Illinois Tech/Kaplan Institute as Buffoli North America, will be presenting the groundbreaking transfer skills of Buffoli, a leading provider of cutting-edge manufacturing solutions.

Experience the power of Italian creativity and technology as Buffoli Transfer revolutionizes production processes. Since 1982, when the first TRANS-BAR machine was installed, Buffoli Transfer has been driving remarkable improvements in the manufacturing industry. Those innovative solutions have empowered numerous production companies across the United States, optimizing efficiency and delivering outstanding results.


Bill Damian is an esteemed professional with a remarkable career in engineering and sales. With an extensive background spanning four decades, he has acquired a wealth of experience and expertise in his field. Currently holding the esteemed position of Vice President of Sales at Buffoli North America, a renowned global leader in rotary transfer machine technology, Bill's contributions have been instrumental in shaping the company's success. Buffoli North America takes pride in delivering customer-driven solutions by leveraging their advanced CNC Rotary Transfer Machines. These machines have revolutionized production processes, offering unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. Bill Damian's leadership and expertise have been pivotal in steering the company towards providing innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of their valued clientele. 


Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the future of manufacturing. Join us at VITRUV 2023 and experience firsthand the transformative power of Italian innovation. Unleash your business's true potential with Buffoli Transfer. Secure your spot today!

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